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    Identity Access Management

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    November 2018

About Acceptto

Acceptto is a transformative cybersecurity company that was founded in 2013 by Nahal Shahidzadeh, Haitham Akkary and Shahrokh Shahidzadeh to challenge the norms of identity access. The team is headquartered in Portland, USA with satellite offices in Lisbon, Portugal, and Vancouver, Canada, serving global active customers in healthcare, education, telco, financial services, and fintech.

Acceptto’s mission is to deliver unrivalled frictionless cybersecurity solutions and peace of mind in a world where your staff and supplier’s identity are under relentless attack. They deliver the smartest, most resilient and evasion-proof identity validation technology commercially available today for physical, web, mobile, cloud and IoT devices.

Their AIML-driven Biobehavioral technology analyzes and verifies your identity through real-time threat analytics using Cognitive AuthenticationTM, a multi-context combination of behaviors, attributes and spatiotemporal velocity to detect and prevent identity access fraud across the enterprise and end consumers.